Friday, January 20, 2012

New Hair-do?

I am contemplating updating my feminine side a little more by getting a perm. Apparently, all of the angst I had been harboring about my last trip to Bo-Rics was all for naught. Here's the story:

Many, many moons ago, I had wanted, for years, to get a Spiral Perm after seeing one on someone who had the same length hair as I did at that time-it was beautiful! Went to Bo-Rics and more than a hundred dollars later, I came out with nothing close to those Deborah Messing type curls I expected. I had even asked the beautician why she wasn't using spiral rods. Well, long story short, they re-did it and it came out again just like the first one. I was very upset. This is one of the many reasons I have only been to a salon/hair place maybe, three times in my whole 45+ years!

I have done my own hair in the past and it has always come out exactly like I have wanted it to, and I seemed to have forgotten this fact until recently (I blame having children for this type of behavior!) I decided to stop at Sally Beauty Supply and see what they would have to say. The young lady with blue accents in her hair told me that you don't get Deborah Messing curls with a Spiral Perm. (I beg to differ, but...)
Sally Beauty Supply has all kinds of perm rods there and apparently, it is the size of the roller and how you roll it is what determines the outcome.

How could I forget? I used to give myself perms years ago and they were body perms with 3/4" rods and my hair always was full of body and loose curls. So I have been harboring this dislike for many years when I apparently got what I asked for at Bo-Rics. No one mentioned what I SHOULD of asked for, but it is time to forgive and forget. I cut all my hair off after that incident, thinking it would get rid of the reason I was angry with these people. Now my hair has grown back out for many years now and it is time to do something with it.

Blue streak lady mentioned to go online and look up on you/tube for different rolling techniques to find what I wanted and then come back and get the perm and rollers. Gotta go do some research-stay tuned! (and wish me luck!)

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